システムを禁止しよう – Message from Peter Chordas “Children of the Ashes”

The only thing more absurd than weapons capable of destroying all life on earth is the system which makes them profitable.


Of course I’m stoked about the Nuclear Ban Treaty entering into force earlier this year. It’s a monumental achievement. And I’m glad that there are hibakusha alive to see this moment in history. They deserve far more. Hell, I think they deserve reparations. But hey ? at least it’s a step in the right direction.


But that’s just it. It’s only one step. And unfortunately, treaties alone will never be enough.


All treaties do is create “rules for war.” But war is a zero sum game. So if breaking the rules increases your chances of winning, of course you’ll break them. The spoils of victory, and the consequences of defeat, are too great to do otherwise.

条約は単なる「戦争のルール」だよ。しかし、戦争はゼロ・サムゲーム(勝利者が全てを得るゲーム)。だから、もしルールを破ると勝つ可能性が上がるのであれば、ルールを破るだろう。勝利の戦利品はあまりにも魅力的だ。 敗北の結果は深刻すぎる。

And besides, if we have the power to restrict how wars are conducted, then why don’t we just ban war altogether?


Some would say it’s because it’s our nature to be greedy and violent. But if that’s true, it’s our nature to be generous and peaceful as well.

貪欲で暴力的であるのは人間の性質だからだと言う人もいる。 しかし、それが本当なら、寛大で平和的であることも俺たち人間の性質。

The reality is that human nature changes with society.


So when we live in a system that rewards greed and violence, of course people will act that way.


Of course treaties help, but they don’t actually address the underlying reasons for war or the manufacture of massively destructive weapons. They rearrange the pieces without changing the game.


Under capitalism, treaties are merely reforms to a system that is, by its nature, violent and callous. Incapable of ending war. Incapable of meeting human need.


So long as we live in a society of class divisions where the few benefit at the expense of the many, we’re going to have war. So long as we have a global economic system predicated on endless expansion and the exploitation of life and nature, we’re going to have war. So long as our so-called leaders can convince us that we have more to fear from the workers of other nations than we do from the political oligarchy and corporate robber barons of our own, we’re going to have war.

俺たちが階級の分裂の社会に住んでいて、少数の人々が多くの人々を犠牲にして利益を得る限り、戦争は起きるだろう。 終わりのない経済成長と生命と自然の搾取を必要とする経済システムがある限り、戦争は起きるだろう。支配階級が、自国の寡頭政治や悪徳資本家たちより他国の一般労働者の方が脅威だと国民に思わせる限り、戦争は起きるだろう。

Viewed in this way, we can see that war and nuclear stockpiles are symptoms of a much larger problem. It’s not just planet-ending weapons that need to be abolished, but the economic system which converts mass destruction into profit for a greedy few.


The Nuclear Ban Treaty has showed us that more and more people are ready to take a stand against nuclear weapons. Even the number of Americans that think the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were “necessary” gets smaller every year.


Let’s celebrate this enormous victory. And let’s make the case ? louder than ever before ? that until we ban the system, no treaty will ever be enough.


by Peter Chordas Guitar/Vocals in Children of the Ashes
ピーターコーダス Children of the Ashesのギターボーカル

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